Timeframe for the orgasm denial contest

Welcome back my slaves! The timeframe for your torment has been set. The marathon will start in 12 days on saturday, but there will be some preparation you have to go through before. I will publish the details during the next days. There will be some tasks for you to do and a list of items you must fetch beforehand. If you want to participate in the marathon, the preparations are mandatory. So better check back in time.

I am a real life dom and I do this for my personal enjoyment. This means two things for you.

1) Participation is free for all you dirty little wankers. Your suffering is enough payment for me.
2) Since you pay with suffering and not with money, I will find ways to make you suffer a lot! Therefore there will be some whimps who don't survive the marathon and cum before I gave permission to do so. If you fail in such a pathetic way, I suggest you get out of my eyes and never come back. Whimps who cannot control their sticky mess as ordered will not be tolerated around me.

Now crawl back to where you came from but check back regularly. You don't want to miss the preparation.


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