Day 8 - Speedwanking

We arrived at Day 8, so you survived the first half of the contest. I think it is getting interested now. I want every slave still following the contest to drop me a mail at, so I get an overview on how many are left. Many of you failed already as expected. Will someone reach the end of the contest and earn the price of becoming my slave. Or will all of you fail?

Today will be another chance to prove yourself to me. Once again you will wank a lot, better get some lube ready.

Morning Affirmation:
Recite 100 times: "I am warmed up and ready for the second part"

- Are you horny? Good! Time for some speedwanking. Once again I prepared 5 videos for you. You will stroke your cock as often as requested while watching the video. If you come too close to cumming, stop and retry after resting for a while. You must not cum and you must finish before the video. For each video there is a special setup for wanking, as you will see. Can you stroke fast enough without cumming?

Don't risk making a mess. If you reach your limit and you cannot complete one task without cumming after trying 5 times, report your failure and feel sorry for yourself. This is sad, but better than cumming.

Video 1:
Stroke your cock while imagining what this girl can do to make you squirt. Stroke with a lot of lube 100 times. This is a little more than 1 stroke each second, just for warming up of course.

Video 2:
This time you will stroke 750 times, this is about as fast as before, but you will do it with your fleshlight. The fleshlight is merciless, so be aware of the edge.

Video 3:
Now we will increase the speed. 500 strokes, this equals about 2 strokes each second. When she spreads for you, imaging what you would do to her, if you could. Let the anal beads do their work while stroking with your fleshlight.

Video 4:
Leave the anal beads in place, while watching the next video. Fill the fleshlight with lots of lube. Pull back your foreskin and apply a good amount of your Climatique cream on your cockhead. Then start the stroking again. A little increase in speed yhould be possible, give me 750 strokes during the next video. Again, let imagination guide you when she shows you, what she can do with her ass muscles.

Video 5:
After that much training, it is time for the great finally. Do you like Kid Rock? Then turn up the volume! Put the dolphin on your balls and give me 800 strokes! Prove yourself to me. And don't even dare to spurt!

Enough for today, no more touching. How about tomorrow. Do you wanna touch yourself or do you wanna be denied any pleasure? I bet you want to stroke tomorrow! But you have to work for it. Create an account on a gay dating site. You heared right. You can sign up at, they have a free weekat the moment. This will be sufficient for the task. It must be a gay site, a straight dating site is not enough!

If you wanna touch yourself tomorrow, you have to ask for it. But don't ask me, ask them! If you find someone who tells you, that you are allowed to stroke yourself, you are allowed to do so tomorrow.

Of course you must not point them to this site and tell them about the contest, this would be too easy. Make up a good story, why you need to ask for stroking. Be creative! If you fail, no touching tomorrow!

Evening Affirmation:
Recite 100 times: "My cock is sore but begs for more"


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