Day 13 - Sex positions

Wow, I am impressed, there are still some participants left. Only two more days, but I bet they will break you!

Today is fleshlight day. The fleshlight provides so much stimulation, it will be really hard for you to resist cumming. And you will stroke your cock a lot. Is it hard for you to pleasure a girl, because you cum too soon? This fleshlight feels so similar to a girl, that you will have the same problem today.

Morning Affirmation:
Recite 100 times: "I could spurt a gallon of cum out of my cock"

- This is not only a contest, but also a training for you. I want skilled slaves, no losers. Today we will train pleasuring a girl.

- Get your fleshlight. You will treat this artificial pussy like a real one, so be gentle. Start licking her. If you have no idea what a woman really likes, surf the net. There are plenty of good guides for bringing a girl to orgasm. Let your tongue do some magic on the clit and in the other important areas. When I let my slaves lick me, I will let them do it for several hours, but you should be fine with 15 minutes. But use these 15 minutes wisely, you want to get her a good orgasm. Don't touch yourself while licking her.

- Good, now we come to some finger fucking. Do her well. Explore every corner of her pussy. Can you imagine her moans? 10 minutes at least.

- Rate yourself. How good were your efforts? The better you judge yourself, the more lube you are allowed to use now. Apply it on the pussy.

- How many different sex-positions do you know? 3? 5? Well, you will need to come up with at least 10 different positions! Simulate these positions with the fleshlight. Try to fixate it for positions, where you have to be active, so you can fuck it without having to move it. If you do some riding stuff, where the girl does all the work on top of you, you can simulate that by moving the fleshlight of course. For each position, I want you to fuck the fleshlite 500 times. This will sum up to at least 5000 strokes. Noone said it will be easy.

Evening Affirmation:
Recite 100 times: "I will have a wet dream tonight"


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