Day 14 - The great final

You are very close to the finish line, only one more day to surviving the contest! Don't worry if you didn't receive mail from me lately, I will go through all your mails on the weekend, enjoying your suffering. You will have to perform the final tasks today, tomorrow I will publish the instructions about how you are allowed to cum.

Morning Affirmation:
Recite 100 times: "So close but yet so far"

- I guess you want to enjoy the feeling of your blue balls as much as possible, before you are allowed release. At least I want to enjoy them, thats reason enough for severe edging. I want 20 edges during the day. In between you have to go soft between each edge. You can arrange your edges over the day, or in one turn if you prefer that. As always you will receive style points for risky public action or good use of toys.

- Call someone on the phone, it doesn't matter who it is, as long as this person never had an sexual encounter with you before. Talk to this person at least 10 minutes. During this 10 minutes, you will stroke your cock nonstop at a good speed. Don't make it slower than necessary, but not so fast that you cum. Don't stop. If the call ends too soon, call another person and try another 10 minutes.

- Give your balls a full blown massage with lots of lube. Squeeze them good.

- If you have a condom ready and some small but long rod, fuck your dick. I use chopsticks on my slaves. Put the condom over the chopstick (or whatever you use), and put some lube on it. When your cock is hard, which I expect it to be, insert the chopstick. Fuck you cock slowly with it. Let the chopsticks glide inside as far as it can be done without damaging your cock. Do you like that sensation. Once you are used to it, spice things up with a few drops of alcohol. Put them on the freshly fucked slit of your cockhead and rub them in with the chopsticks. Use as much as you are comfortable with, you shouldn't overdo it. A few drops should be enough. Do you still like the sensation? 15 minutes of this game should be enough.

- Once you are done, I want one last edge for today. You know I am a generous Princess, and since this is your last day, you are allowed to do some extra edges if you have some energie left.

- Before you go to sleep, apply lots of climatique cream on your cockhead and inside your asshole, put a condom over your cock, and secure it to avoid slipping it of. Happy dreams! You will find a list of ways to cum here tomorrow. The contest is not over at midnight of the last day, it is over when you did cum. There will be many different ways you are allowed to cum, so I guess every slave brave enough to survive this contest will find a good way for himself on the list. Can you imagine how this releasing orgasm will feel? How much will you risk for this orgasm, to earn extra brownie points? I am looking forward to your final quest for release!

Evening Affirmation:
Screm 100 times: "I want to cum, I want to cum, goddamn I wanna cum!!!"


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