Supervised slave for the contest

I showed one of my slaves what I planned for the contest recently and he thinks that no man can stand that much teasing without release. He expects that even he will have to surrender after at least 10 days.

Since I am aware that it is possible, I ordered him to request to get those 2 weeks holiday from his job, and this request was granted today. He will be under my permanent supervision 24 hours a day during the contest. He will perform the same tasks as the other participants. Only difference is, that I will do all the stroking and teasing for him. And because I know him very well, it will be especially frustrationg for him. A few extra strokes here and a few extra strokes there...

What impact does this have on you, you might ask. Well, since there is a supervised slave who must endure the torment, there is proof it can be done without going insane. So if you should fail, you are not worth being my slave and should look for some other mistress, who is more kind to you, wimp.

My plan is to keep 2 of the participants as online slaves. This contest is your chance to qualify. If you fail, you are disqualified immediately. So proof yourself to me, if you wanna be kept.

I will be away during the weekend, don't fool around! Do whatever is necessary to get ready for the contest, only 8 days left until it starts.


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