What lies ahead of you

I shared this experience with one of the participants today, but I thought you should all get a taste of what lies ahead of you:

I know how strong the urges of my slaves can get. I once denied one of my real life slaves for quite some time while stroking him each day. He lived together with a roommate at a students home and he told me at the beginning of our relationship, that he cannot perform any tasks for me in his room or in front of his computer, because his roommate is there most of the time. I used this as a teasing instrument and told him after 10 days of constant teasing without cumming, that he may only cum when he is in his room with his roommate, and his roommate is there and awake. Otherwise he has to wait 10 more days before he is allowed to cum alone. I was sure that he has tempted, but I never expected him to wank himself of in front of his roommate. Little did I know back then. At day 16 he was kneeling at my feet begging me with tears in his eyes for any kind of orgasm, because he said he couldn't take it any longer. Of course I cannot give in to such requests, you boys need to get more control of yourself.

Well, the next day he called me on the phone and told me he had cum. First I was mad with anger, but than I realized he did nothing wrong. He really did finish himself of in front of his roommate. Bottom line is, that from this day on he had a single room at the students home.

This should illustrate what I am capable of. What will you do for an orgasm, once the contest is in progress?


Blogger irish2222 said...

it sounds like a fun test of strength, endurance and submission and it should never be easy. Glad to hear that You expect a lot from us and have high expectations, where, when and how can i start


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