Interlude: The milking of slave Jakob

Slave Jakob is on denial day 6, because he "earned" 2 extra days at the beginning for bad behaviour. Today I performed the milking for him. I hope you enjoyed your milking as much as he did.

I bound him securly to one of my bondage devices. He was standing with legs spread, his hands were secured over his head. His cock was rock hard, as it is most of the day when I am around and he is not in chastity. I blindfolded and gagged him and caressed his body and especially his sensitive nipples until he squirmed. Afterwards I gave his balls a good massage while flicking my tongue over his cock. Once I decided he was ready for milking, I lubed my middle finger and probed his ass. Jakob is used to milking, so we had no problems here.

Usually I don't stimulate my slaves during the milking process, but his thick cock was so gorgeous, that I had to take it between my lips. I located his prostate and massaged it gently, while sucking his cock even slower, in and out of my warm mouth. It took my only about 3 minutes until the first drops of cum started to rise. I knew how close he was to cumming and afterwards he told me, that he was on the edge all the time, while I had my finger up his ass. His desire made me so wet and horny, that I had to take care of my pussy with my free hand. I planned to perform the milking for at least one hour, since I was that horny, we almost reached two hours. During this period of time I milked jakob completly empty. The most difficult part for me was to avoid driving him over the edge while I was cumming myself. And I came four times in these 2 hours.

Once we were done, I removed the gag and listened to the desperate moans of jakob. After a few minutes I silenced him with a long french kiss. There was one thing he didn't know. When I milked him dry, I collected all the cum in my mouth. When I kissed him he recieved the whole load of cum and spit I collected. He was trained long enough that he know that I expected him to swallow. So he did.

His balls are empty now, but I know he is even hornier than before. Milking is such a nice tool!


Blogger billys1 said...

Oh Mistress,please accept me as your humble but unworthy slave, online as it is. Keep me from my filthy wanking and force me to milk myself without orgasm.
i humbly await Your reply while i face the corner.

12:02 PM  

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