Interlude: Slave Jakobs performance

I will be away for the next four days, but I want to tell you about the performance of slave Jakob before I leave. At the beginning he thought the contest is impossible to do. I proofed him wrong. Not only did a few others finish it successfully, he did so himself. I had him under permanent supervision by myself or people I trust completly, so he could not cheat. On Day 15 I didn't allow him to pick a release for himself, but decided what he should do. I selected number 2, which means even longer denial after being milked. He enjoyed the milking session of course, but struggled and begged for an orgasm only few hours later. I had to punish him for this greedy behaviour.

Thats why I secured him naked on a rack on saturday evening with a blindfold. He is still in this position and did only get released for the toilett and eating. During the last 24 hours I had his whole body licked by my only female slave. She had to lick every inch, except for his cock. Nipples and balls worked best for him, and I was afraid he would cum from this stimulation alone. Furtunately he didn't cum yet. I am away for the next four days, and decided to keep this procedure up, since slave Jakob and his teasing slave have both another week of holiday in front of them. The only chance for them to get out of this earlier is if he cums without her touching his cock. I wonder if they can do it.


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