Day 5 - Pain and CBT

What, your dick is begging for attention again? You milked yourself yesterday! No need for stroking today. Instead we will test other abilities, like your pain threshold. I prefer to torment my slaves with denial, but what would life be without pain? Lets see what you are capable of.

Don't mistake pain for damage. I want to hurt you, not damage you. So stop before you risk any permanent damage. What good is a dick that stays soft? How should such a dick be teased?

Morning Affirmation
Recite 100 times: "I can endure whatever my princess wants me to endure".

- Get the necessary items: several clothpins; shoelaces; icecubes; a towel; a bottle; and of course your camera

- Write down what you were able to endure. I expect a report in my mailbox this evening. If you are too weak for one task, this is a big minus on your list. So better bite your teeth together and get moving.

- Lets start with some cooling. Get the icecubes and rub your balls with it for 2 minutes. Now try them on your asshole. How long can you keep an icecube on the entrance? Well, actually this is not the real question. The real question is how long can you keep three of them INSIDE your ass. Insert them one by one. Can you keep them there for a whole minute?

- Ok, keep the icecubes near by and get the clothpins. Lets start with your nipples. Cool them with the cubes to make them stiff. Then place the first two clothpins there. Keep them there. Now to your balls. Choose the place where to apply the clothpins for yourself. I mean the 10 places. Attach 10 clothpins on your balls and take a picture of the result. Stroke your cock 100 times. Finally I want to see two clothpins on your foreskin. Keep them there for 5 minutes before you remove all the clothpins. Mission accomplished. Easy, wasn't it?

- Now it is weightlifting time. Take the shoelace and wrap it aroung your balls a few times and tie it down. You should leave a few inches tangling between your feet. Tie the loose end to the head of the bottle. Let the bottle tangle between your legs. Fill it with water as long as you can stand it. How many liters can you lift with your balls. Of course I want a picture of your record. I want the best result you can get, but don't tear your balls off!

- If you completed ALL the tasks above, I allow you to wank your cock for the next 10 minutes. After that, no touching until tomorrow. If you failed one of the tasks, no touching at all until tomorrow.

Evening Affirmation
Recite 100 times: "Strokes. Fast and satisfying strokes!"


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