Day 2 - The fleshlite

I hope you slept well, while your dick stayed awake and horny.

Morning Affirmations:
Recite 100 times: "My balls are full and heavy"

- Don't forget to drink your water. This is the last time I will remember you, from now on you will do it automatically every day.

- You haven't touched your dick today, since I didn't allow you to touch it. Time for some pleasure. Get the Fleshlite you bought. Look at the nicely shaped vagina. Wouldn't it feel great. What do you want to do with it? Right, go ahead. Lick it for 10 minutes like a pussy should be licked. Take care of every inch with your tongue. If you couldn't buy the Fleshlite, use some similar shaped fruit or something else.

- Once you are done, you are allowed to touch your dick. Get the shoelace you prepared and wrap it aroung the base of your dick including your balls and tie it together. Now apply a bit of the "climatique" cream on your exposed cockhead. Afterwards tie the vibrating dolphin to it, so it vibrates on the backside of your cockhead. Down on your knees and think about your princess. Think about what you want to do for her, because she is so kind to allow you stimulation. If you should ever get too close to cumming, stop the vibration. Don't cum. no mattter whatever should happen. Stay on your knees for 10 minutes.

- Back to the Fleshlite. Since I am in a giving mood, you are allowed to stroke yourself with it. 3 full strokes! Enjoy those strokes, fucking a pussy 3 times is more than I should allow you anyway. If you don't have a fleshlite, no strokes for you!

- Cool down, the rest of the tasks should be done later.

- Welcome back, hope you start to feel your balls are filling up. No big deal, the real suffering will not start before day 8 or 9. Get the lube. Since you licked your fake fleshlite pussy so obedient, I think I can let you do some stroking with it. Apply lots of lube, so that it gets real slippery. I know you like that. Now give me 1000 strokes. No cumming of course! If you need to take a break, take a break. Make them nice full strokes, you know I like them. While fucking the Fleshlite, watch this video over and over again:

When you are done, clean it up and lick it again for 10 minutes. You know it is better to give than to take. Let the fleshlite feel your passion.

- Before you go to bed, apply a good amount of "climatique" cream. Apply it thicker than this morning. Afterwards put a condom over your dick and tie it down at the base with a shoe lace. This will be the last time you touch your dick today.

Evening Affirmation
Recite 100 times: "My dick is hard as steel and I need to cum immediately".


Blogger billys1 said...

My Mistress Princess Donna, i remain faithful to you and to you only. my wife suspects something is different but doesn't underastand, i am YOUR slave. i do not have a fleshlight, to much pleasure for me and to much money, i use sandwich bags and vegie oil. i do not cum as you command i do not. having completed my mantra i review the vidios again, how could you know just how much one woman sroking anothers hair is to me, it was even a surprise to me, i have to be careful. i continue to be abstinante by your wish and command. i will say my chant as i fall asleep "i will stay rock hard(as i am now) for my Princess Donna.

7:06 PM  
Blogger billys1 said...

i have followed your commands Princess Donna. it is harder today than yesterday but i will not stroke off except for your pleasure. You are my Princess, Princess Donna. i keep repeating to mysely "my unworthy dick is hard as steel and i need to cum imediately"--but i will not.

last night i woke up several times, dick rock hard and throbing, my hand wraped arounfd it---horrified i jerked my hand free. the agony and pain in my dick, balls and entire loin area was excruating. i will not cum, BUT I NEED TO CUM IMEDIATELY, I WILL NIT CUM.......

7:13 PM  

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