Day 11 - Virtual orgasm

Have you ever tried meditation or some kind of relaxation program? If you are experienced in these fields, the tasks today will be easier for you, if not, you will learn a valuable skill today. It is called tactile stimulation. People use this with spiritual energy work. It doesn't matter if you believe in such things, the effects to your body will matter.

Morning Affirmation:
Recite 100 times: "Cumming feels fantastic!"

- Watch the following video of this lucky guy in his vacuum bed and imagine this is you. Feel his exposure and inability to move. The video is not full of action, but try to get a feeling for the environment.

- Good, now read the instructions carefully. Work on this for at least one hour if you are not familiar with tactile stimulation.

It is simple and quite similar to visualization. Lay flat on your bed and relax. If you don't know basic meditation stuff for relaxation, consult the internet. Once you are relaxed, try to feel your toe with your mind. If you cannot focus your attention on it, try to scratch it lightly and hold your attention on the tingling feeling afterwards. Try other locations on your body. Your elbow, your knee, whatever. Make sure your awareness is in the point of your body that you are working on. Now try to move this point of awareness. Can you feel a soft tingling?

This is a real quick crash course on this, usually you need a few days if you want to do energy work with it, but this is not our goal. Experiment with this sensation as long as you need to get used to it and produce it instantly. If it helps, imagine a feather touching you or some other object you are comfortable with.

- Once you are able to shift your body awareness in specific parts, and trained this skill as required, the fun can start. Lay down on your back, put your arms to the side of your body, and relax yourself again. Once you are done, create your favorite bondage scenario in your mind. You are completely helpless, like the guy in the video. Imagine you cannot move at all.

And than there is this hot babe approaching. Oh my god, she is so gorgeous. Firm breasts, full lips, simple a body to kill with. Make up your favorite dream girl. Than imagine how she torments you. How she slowly wraps her lips around your dick and works her tongue on your cockhead. Use your body awareness to follow every move. Feel the touch of your cock, her warm mouth sliding up and down. Let your fantasy do the work. Rock your hips to thrust deeper inside her. If you want, let her pussy do the magic on your cock. At the end, and this should last at least half an hour (if you are doing it right, you will never want to stop, believe me), image her make you cum. Her strokes get faster and faster until you reach the edge. She holds you there, and holds you, and finally she gives you this last necessary stroke to make you explode. A real great, full orgasm. Try to imagine the shivers that will give you. Enjoy!

- As I said, usually I train my slaves for a few days, before I let them do this. I will present a training program for this kind of game in a future project, at the moment we do not have enough time for long preparations. I hope it works well for you. Once you mastered tactile stimulation and body awareness shifting, you can create unbelievable results. I never saw a male have a real orgasm doing this, but I made myself cum a few times already without touching myself. You must not be afraid to cum, this requires much more training. So go along and experiment!

Evening Affirmation:
Recite 100 times: "A virtual orgasm is much better than a real one!"


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