Punishment for slave Jakob

I told you about my slave, who will participate in the contest under my supervision. I will call him Jakob from now, although this is just a pseudonym.

Jakob failed during my stamina test today. He started his prostate training three days ago and had 14 orgasms since the start. Today I bound him to a rack in my "playground" and wanked him off with a fleshlite. The rules were easy and a drained cock should have no troubles complying. He was not allowed to cum before stroke 2500. After 14 orgasms in only 3 days this cannot be a problem. Well, it was...

He came around stroke 2200. What a wimp. Of yourse I had to punish him with clothpins on his balls. But because I want to teach him a lesson anyway, I stopped his prostate training immediately and put him in his CB3000. He will stay in there until the contest starts. That way he has to hold his cum two days longer as planned. You see, failure will not be tolerated.

Enjoy your training, and don't forget to check back for the contest!


Blogger jeff said...

2 weeks big deal i will handlw this so easy

6:09 AM  

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