Day 12 - Another public walk

If you think your Princess is perfect, you are right. Unfortunately her computer is not and it screwed up the prepared tasks for today. It is too late for me to rewrite them, and I am quite busy today. Since I planed a public walk for you anyway, we will reuse older material that created problems for some slaves the first time. I hope you will do better today, you should be used to public exposure by now.

Morning Affirmation
Recite 100 times: "I cannot hold my cum any longer!"

- Before you go outside for work or whatever you have to do in public, edge yourself 3 times with a pause of 5 minutes in between. Whenever you are outside your house or apartment, you must wear the vibrating balls in your ass. If they are to loud for work, you can turn them off when people are near. But don't remove them before you get home again! While you are outside, you have to edge 5 times in different locations. There are many possibilities. The sissy boys will chose their favorite public toilet, while more advanced slaves will do it at more risky places like behind bushes in the park or some other public hiding place. Bring your camera along and document your edging and the places where you do it. Same rules as always. If you cum, you lose.

- Once you are done and return at home, remove the vibrating balls and clean them up.

- Finger-fuck the Fleshlite if you have one for 10 whole minutes. Don't touch your cock while you do it.

- Sit down and write about your experiences today and send them along with your photos to my email address. The more details you add, the more I will be pleased. Also add the rating of your need to orgasm like you did before.

Evening Affirmations
Recite 100 times: "Wanking in public is so much fun!"


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