Day 9 - Selfbondage

Day 9 will be the bondage day, I know some of you are into bondage and/or self bondage. Good for them, because this will be the primary task today.

Morning Affirmation:
Recite 100 time: "Bond and full of cum I please my Princess"

- Create 2 different setups of self bondage. As always, be creative to impress me. The following video will be a good inspiration.

If you didn't get permission on Day 8 to touch yourself today, you will get no stimulation. If someone granted you to touch yourself, you can use whatever vibrating toy you want for stimulation while suspended.

Create a timing device, I suggest a key in an icecube or something similar. If you are not familiar with self bondage, read up the safety instructions you will find on the net. You don't want to fuck it up, there are many reportet deaths through self bondage because people were too careless. I want my slaves to be clever enough to ensure their own safety.

Having that said, I want you to stay in the bondage situations for at least 30 minutes each time. If you are not allowed stimulation, this might be quite boring, but this is not my fault.

Don't forget to write a detailed report of your experiences, and send some photos of the setups you created.

Evening Affirmation:
Recite 100 times: "The touch of a feather could make me squirt my load"


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