Day 7 - Dance and swing

So much stroking on day 6, so it is only logical to make day 7 a day without stroking. But why should this contest be logical? We will have a wanking day again!

The tasks today will be split in two parts. The first part will take place in front of your computer and is focused on your favourite past time - Stroking and edging! The second part will take place at a disco of your choice.

Morning Affirmation:
Recite 100 times: "Her orgasm is worth much more than mine"

You like to see woman cumming? I hope so, because you will during your first set of tasks. You will find 5 videos below. Stroke to each video. You know what kind of strokes, don't try to fool anyone! 1000 strokes for each video. If a video is not long enough for you to complete 1000 strokes, play it again until you spent all the strokes. If the video is not over at 1000, stroke more until the end.

You will see girls orgasm during the video. When they do, hit the edge, but don't dare to go past it! If they have more than one orgasm, this means more edges for you. If you have to watch a video twice, don't forget to edge again at the right places.

Video 1 - 1000 Strokes:

Video 2 - 1000 Strokes:

Video 3 - 1000 Strokes:

Video 4 - 1000 Strokes:

Video 5 - 1000 Strokes:

Good, now you are warm for tonight. It is Friday evening, and what are all good slaves doing on Friday evening? Pleasing their Princess, as on every other evening of course.

So here is your task:

- Select a disco of your choice. If you are daring, go where you can meet friends. If you are too afraid, select a disco where it is unlikely that anyone knows you. It is up to you, as long as there are many people and a dancefloor.

- There is another choice I give you. Select the anal beads for your ass or the vibrating dolphin for your cock. Whatever your choice is, put the device where it belongs and make sure it stays there before you go out.

- Your target for tonight is the dancefloor. Don't care about the buzzing of the devices, the music will be loud enough to cover the sounds. I don't care if you are a great dancer or a clown on the dancefloor. Shake that body around from one corner to the other. You are to shy for the dancefloor? No you are my slave and I tell you that you are not too shy. Spend at least an hour there. If you wanna flirt with someone, go ahead. But don't forget, wherever this flirt ends, no cumming!

- Special Chance: One of my slaves requested a chance to cum. I laughed at him of course. But after thinking a while, there is a chance for you to cum tonight. Forget the dolphin, forget the anal beads. If you are man enough to take the fleshlight with you and stroke yourself with it on the dancefloor, you are allowed to cum there. Of course there must be at least 5 girls on the dancefloor when you start. But to be honest, I don't think anyone is that desperate yet. No photos required, I will see you in the news flash tomorrow.

Evening Affirmation:
Recite 100 times: "I dance and swing but never cum"


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