Day 10 - The denial mantra

As you might have realized, certain days are designed to filter out slaves with certain weaknesses. We had tests for pain threshold and public exposure for example. On Day 9 I tested another important qualification criteria - intelligence! I want slaves who serve me well, but have the brain to know what they are doing. We had many messy accidents yesterday, as I expected. For those of you who passed the test, this might seem ridiculous, but some slaves attached the vibrating dolphin to their cockhead, before they bond themselves. After enjoying the first few minutes, they realized there is no escape, and the dolphin did its work like magic. They came and spilled their worthless seed all over the place like teenager. Pathetic. So the group of participants has become smaller again.

I want to mention that I kicked another slave out today. After being as kind and submissive as a male should be for the first 8 days, he snapped out on Day 9. He just couldn't stand the pressure in his balls and blamed me for it. I don't disclose private mails, so I will spare you his curses. I only want to say, that he ended the mail with the threat, that when he should ever find me in real live, he will fuck my pussy until I scream. Well boys, if this is your fetish, I decided you should get some pussy fucking in your daily tasks.

Morning Affirmation:
Recite 100 time: "Her heaven is my hell."

- Just to make sure you don't forget - 2 litres of water daily!

- Today we will do a mantra. Think of a positive sentence you want to repeat, like you do each morning and evening. Express your gratitude towards me as good as you can. You will repeat this sentence 250 times. Each time you do, stroke your cock 10 times from tip to base and back. Full strokes as always. Don't cum, don't stop. Slow down if you have to, but never stop completely. If you have to stop completely, start at 0 and begin again.

- Once your mantra is done, hit the edge as often as you wish to, but not less than 5 times. We want your cum boiling, it is milking day again! You heared right. You will milk away your cum as you did on Day 4. I hope you know how to do it by now. This will leave you horny, and your balls will refill quickly. So get your anal vibrator and the shot glass. You know what I expect from you. Can you fill it this time?

- Once you are done and empty, no more touching for today. I allow you to sleep with you anal beads in your ass, if you want to. No matter if you decide to use the balls or not, apply a good amount of Climatique cream on your asshole. Don't be shy, cream it good and don't spare the first inches inside of the entrance.

- Oh yes, I almost forgot, you wanna see a pussy fucked? Here you go! And don't try this at home boys!

Evening Affirmation:
Recite 100 times: "My asshole buzzes like a swarm of bees!"


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