Day 15 - Release

Since you are still reading this, I guess you really survived the contest. Not bad. But I know congratulations are not what you are looking for, you are looking for relieve.

Since I am a good mistress, I will give you many possible ways to spurt your cum. Decide which one you prefer, other possibilities are not given. I put them in the order as I would like you to cum. Number 1 is my favourite option, number 10 is... well... ok, but not desireable. I am looking for 2 permanent online slaves to keep. If you wanna qualify you should select one of the better options to cum, this will increase your chances that I will keep you. No matter how you cum, write a detailed report afterwards and send them with documentation photos to my email address.

Possibilities to cum for you:

1) This is the best option for the most valueable slaves. If you perform this final task for cumming, and document it with photos, rest asured that I will keep you.
Wank yourself off in front of someone else you know well. Of course you will do nothing illegal like wanking in front of children or strangers you don't know. This is a crime and will not be tolerated! But you can call someone up and tell them about your situation. If you like, tell them about the contest or find some excuse why you have to cum in front of them. A lost bet always is a good excuse. The person must watch you while you are wanking and while you are cumming. No helping allowed.
There is one exclusion. This must be the first time this person sees you cumming. If you had a sexual encounter before which led to orgasm on your side, choose another person.
Best choices are good friends, mo matter if boys or girls. If you find a good excuse, they will help you, even if you doubt this at the moment. Try it and don't forget the photos.

2) If you are not man enough for option 1, here is another good one. Simply don't cum! Get the pleasure wand or another anal vibrator and massage all the cum you collected away. You know how to aim for the shot glass by now. Feel your orgasm dripping into nothingness. If you chose this option, you will have to beg me for an real orgasm daily. You don't know when I will allow you to cum, so be prepared. If i am mean, another two weeks of denial are waiting for you. Or maybe I will let you cum right away. But that is unlikely ;).

3) This option is only possible for singles, otherwise you would have to cheat on your girl. And cheating is not what good slaves do. If your partner allows sexual intercourse with other people, than it is ok. Lets look at the task:
You collected so much cum, why shouldn't you do with it what you want to do with it anyway? Blow it inside a girl. But it is not that easy. The girl must be a stranger to you. Meet her at a party or on the bus station or whereever you meet girls usually. Ask her out for a date or ask straight forward if she would like to suck you off. Whatever works for you. You are not allowed to cum outside of her. If it takes a few days before she blows you or let you fuck her, you are denied orgasm until then. Of course you cannot force her to do it. Don't do anything illegal! She must want to do it! Don't dare to do anything against her will, or you will find yourself in prison sooner as you can imagine!
So this is easy for you? No problem to get into a girls panties within minutes? Well, I haven't mentioned one basic rule yet. Don't find the best looking girl as usual, find the worst looking. If you like slim girls, try to get the fattest. If her size doesn't matter, get an old woman or whatever turns you off. This is for her fun, not for yours.

4) Have you ever been to a gay club? If you select this option, this will be your chance to check out such a location. Go to the toilets. No, don't lock yourself in, you have to perform this in front of the sink where everybody must pass by, when he goes to the toilet. Stroke at your favourite pace and if you want with your favourite toy. Cum hard, make it satisfying. And let your cum run down the sink. If you are lucky, noone sees you. If you are less lucky, you get caught. If you are unlucky, this person offers you help wanking. In this case you must allow him to jerk or suck you off.

5) Play a game of chance. This is only possible, if you live with another person you are not together with. If you live together with boys and girls, chose a girl. When she goes outside for a walk or shopping or whatever she will do today, ask her when she expects to be back. Once you are alone at home, take a look at the clock. Spend your time alone as you like, but keep your cloth on and your dick soft. Exactly 3 minutes before she told you she would be back, strip naked and through your clothes in your bath. No slip, no socks, nothing. You are completely naked. Go to her private room and start wanking. She might be late, and you have all the time you need. If not, have a good excuse for being i her room naked with a hard on. Give yourself the most pleasureable orgasm possible. Pull back your forskin when you shot your load and turn around 360°. You want to cover as much of the room with cum as possible. Once the orgasm passes, you have 2 options. Get dressed and leave the room in a mess, or clean the room and dress afterwards. Once you are clothes again, you are not allowed to clean the room. Do you dare? Of course I want a photo of the room and your performance.

6) Find 5 different girls who allow you to cum. You must ask them face to face. The question is easy and straight forward: "I haven't cum for two full weeks, please allow me to wank until I cum." If she answers with yes, you score one point. It doesn't matter who you ask. Ask the waitress in the restaurant, your secretary or your sister. If she asks you if she should help you with it, you answer no, and score one extra point.

7) You are already down at 7, it gets less and less interesting. Get the tightest bathing trunks you have. If you don't have a real tight one, buy one. You will go to a pool with many girls around. Watch them closely. Enjoy their sexy outfit, don't miss a chance to stare at their camal toes and delicious boobs. Let your fantasy wander and think about how they can make you cum. This allows you to stay hard most of the time. Walk around and show them you are hard through your tight bathing trunks. You need at least 3 different people approach you and make a comment about your wood. Girls earn you 2 points, guys 1 point. Once you reached 5 points, you are allowed to go into the water and spurt your load there. Don't get yourself caught wanking, or they might throw you out. In that case you have to restart at a different pool.

8) Fill your bathtube with cold water. Spice it up with at least 30 icecubes. If you don't have them ready, freeze some. Once your bathtube is full and freezin cold, get naked, make sure your cock is soft and go inside. Only your head is allowed to be outisde of the water. Feel the cold creeping in. Now stroke as you desire. Don't get out before you cum, or you will have to restart the same procedure later.

9) Ruin your orgasm to gay porn. It is that simple. Surf the web at least for 1 hour and watch all the gay porn you can find. If you stumble across some females, quickly look away and keep your eyes on the gay action. Keep on stroking while you do it. Select the dirties gay scene you can find and bookmark it. At the end of the hour, go to this bookmark and bring yourself to the edge, stay there for one minute starring at the gay action. After this minute, step over the edge with as few strokes as necessary and pull your hand away to ruin your orgasm. Let the cum dribble away while you keep looking at the gay scene.

10) This is the worst option designed for the biggest wimps. Look at the clock and write down the full hour. Wait as long as you desire. For each hour you wait, roll a dice and add the values together. For each photo you sent me during the contest, add one extra point. Decide, when you want to start. You have one full stroke for each point you get through photo submission and dice rolls. Get completely soft. Use some icecubs on your dick if necessary. Once you are soft, stay that way 5 minutes. Then stark stroking the way you can cum most easily. Stop after you spent all strokes aquired before. If you cum easily and have some strokes left, make it a full, pleasureable orgasm. If you spent all strokes and cum at the end, stop stroking and watch your orgasm dribble away. If you don't reach orgasm before your strokes are spent, you fall back to 0 strokes and have to collect points again, waiting hour after hour to get more dice rolls. Considering this, you should wait long enough for your first try.

Thats it for now! Remember to keep your balls full and spurt your cum as rarely as possible. This is the way a boy should live. Make sure to check back here regularly, this was only the first project of many!


Blogger billys1 said...

Mistress, oh Mistress, i am but a lowly whimp of a male, i can't even call myself a man. Please be my mistress. Deny me orgasms, masturbation even, i will be your slave and obey. Make me do your biding in public, humiliate me, embarrass me, treat me as a slave should be treated. Allow to enter the contest,please.
Thank you Mistress

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