Day 4 - Milking the prostate

You reached day 4, but don't be too proud about it. You are still at the very beginning. You have no idea of what lies ahead of you. Today will be your first milking session. Not necessary, since your balls are only filled lightly. But I want you to get used to the milking procedure.

Morning Affirmations:
Recite 100 times: "Princess Donna is my goddess and I collect my cum for her"

- Since we wanna milk you today, the tasks are focused on sperm production. Start slow with 200 worship strokes for your princess.

- Get your fleshlite if you have on. Otherwise use your hands for stroking. I want you to use lots of lube to make it as slippery as possible. I guess your cock is already throbbing with energy. Go ahead and stroke it. You will do 5000 strokes before your milking. You didn't misread, there are 3 zeros behind the 5. I want you to edge in between as often as possible. Make it real hard for you to resist. But never give in! You must not cum. Otherwise you lost the contest and must leave. And that would make me really angry!
While you wank along, you can watch how this slave is treated. This is not my video, but I like to create similar setups with my slaves.

- You are done with your 5000 strokes? Good, rest for a few minutes. Massage your dick and balls with lube, but do it gently. Once you are ready, get your pleasure wand and the shot glass. If you do not have one, get an normal anal vibrator instead. Use some lube and go to work. Insert the vibrating wand and locate your prostate. When you feel like cumming, you found what you are looking for. Push down (in the direction of your stomach) and massage it in circles. Feels great, doesn't it? Don't even think about touching your cock while massaging your prostate. Your only pleasure comes from your ass now. Once you found the right technique, you will feel the cum rising in your dick.

If you need further instructions, take a look at this website about prostate milking.

You can help yourself if you kneel down and bent over. Place the shot glass under your cock and aim well. Don't spill a single drop of the drained cum. Take a look at the clock. You must not stop before the shot glass is full, or before 60 minutes are up. If you can not fill it in 60 minutes, this is ok, just stop and clean the toys. Take a photo of the glass. Afterwards inhale the smell of your goo. How does it smell? Wouldn't it have been better if it stayed in your balls? Remember this smell when you want to cum next time and rethink your choice. To make sure you don't forget how terrible this goo is, take all of it in your mouth. I want you to gargle with it for 2 minutes. Take a photo of your cum filled mouth. Afterwards swallow it all. Good, no more touching today. If you need, you are allowed to use a chastity device tonight to avoid an accident you would regret.

Evening Affirmation
Recite 100 times: "My balls ache with desire and my cock leaks cum"


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